It is hard to believe it with the weird weather we are having, but school is almost over and summer is approaching fast!  I thought it would be a good time to explore a few fun options for summer.

Robots and remote-control toys are great toys to play in your yard or at the park.  Many natural obstacles make it even more fun and challenging.  If it is too hot or rainy (rain? Are we really going to have more rain?) they are great indoor toys too.

Some of the new robots are controlled from a cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth, some can even be programmed to do certain actions to introduce coding to children.  Other toys come with their own remote.

For those children who can only tap a switch or a button, some remote-controlled toys can be switch-adapted.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Sphero is a ball that is controlled via an app.  It is super fast, it is extremely durable and can move on water, sand, snow, etc. Yes, you can take it with you pretty much anywhere. Accessories are available but natural obstacles are great too.  Check out this video to really see what this is all about.



Ollie is a cylinder and different tires will track best on different surfaces.  It is also controlled via an app. Check out this video



Sprk+ is similar to Sphero and is more for the child who likes to program a robot. It is popular in schools.

This video talks about Sprk+, Sphero and the Starwars Sphero robot..

dot dash

Dot and Dash come with many different apps, gradually more complicated to use, to progressively introduce  the concept of programming.  There are also have various game apps associated with these 2 companion robots. Check out this video

The Color Bug is a remote-controlled drawing robot.  Check this video.

switch color bug.pngcolor bug

This is a switch-adapted version.                   And this version uses a rocker-type pad.


Many remote-controlled cars and trucks sold are your local toy store are operated by remote-controls can be suitable to children.  It is often possible to switch-adapt these remote controls.  Some remotes are sold already switch-adapted, which is convenient but often more expensive.


Contact me if you would like more information about these toys or about funding options. Most if not all of the toys above are less than $150 and most are available locally.

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