It is so overwhelming to find good apps!  I thought I would share with you the tricks I have learned.

First, I don’t start in the app stores because I don’t find their search features very helpful, unless I know the exact name of the app and what the app icon looks like. If I don’t know what the icon looks like, there might be several apps with the same name and I unfortunately might end up getting a different app than the one I wanted or was recommended to me.

I use a few websites specializing in app reviews.  The results from these websites can still be biased and may not include every good app out there, but it gives me a start:

OTs with Apps  has good categories and is still useful even if their app list is currently somewhat outdated.

Georgia Tech Tools for Life has very user-friendly search features.

Apps for Children with Special Needs has compiled a list of the best 1000 apps.  Scroll down to view by category.

Moms with Apps blog offers app reviews and by following the blog you are informed of discounts (or temporarily free!) apps. I find this website more useful for general educational apps, not so much for apps designed for children with special needs. But many good educational apps are perfect for children with special needs.

I also will often do a search directly on my computer in a search engine like Google.  For best results I find it is important to specify exactly what I am looking for (and to really identify what it is I am looking for is, in itself, an interesting and sometimes difficult exercise):

What, the age level, for which platform and the word app.  For example:

memory game preschool iOS app


talking book children android app.

In the results you will know which links to explore based on the URL:

iOS=iPhone or iPad = iTunes/App Store

Android= Google Play Store

Windows = Microsoft Store

There is also a great free resource to help you identify appropriate apps:  The Neil Squire AT Help Desk not only offers support in the use of Assistive Technology, they can also search for apps and solutions. The services are free to therapists, teachers, parents and users. You can reach them by email, text, phone or Skype.


Good luck!

Let me know if you need more help…

Autres ressources en français:

Tiré du Blog de Za : Un répertoire d’applis appropriées pour les usagers à besoins spéciaux francophones.

La Souris grise:  un répertoire d’applis pour les enfants en général.

Apps EHDAA: Applications IPad pour des élèves ayant des besoins particuliers

Bonne chance!

Laissez-moi savoir si vous avez besoin d’aide supplémentaire…

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