Parents introduced me this week to JackBox Games. It is not fun for kids to play board games or card games if they cannot move their own piece, token, dice or card. With JackBox Games your phones, tablets or computers are your controllers. No additional controllers are needed. So as long as your child can use one of these devices, she/he can play independently, just like the other players.

Take the game Drawful: each player is initially presented with a unique phrase, and they must draw that phrase on their phone or tablet without using words. Once the drawings are all completed, the game presents a player’s pictures to the other players, and they must enter what phrase the drawing is showing. It reminds me of pictionary.

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In the game Fibbage each player fills in the blank in a sentence and scores points if the others think it is true.


In Quiplash the players use their phone or tablet to answer simple prompts like “Something you’d be surprised to see a donkey do” or “The worst soup flavor: Cream of _____.” No rules, no correct answers! Points are scored based on popularity.

Games are available individually (about $7 ) or in packs (about $25-$33 ).  You download them to your computer (PC or Mac), XBox One, PS4, Apple TV, Android TV, etc. Then 2 to 8 or more players (depending on the game) join the game by connecting their phone, tablet or computer to the website and enter your code. Strangers cannot join you.

Here is the link to JackBox Games.

Have fun!

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