Regardless of the obstacles life has thrown at some children, they are still kids. Like all kids they want to feel good about themselves and they want to have fun! They want to explore, play, learn, be included, communicate. Technology may help them do this. It is a matter of finding the right technology for that kid.

I just came back from attending a large conference on Assistive Technology (ATIA Conference).  I saw lots of interesting special products. I also heard clever ideas on how to use “mainstream” technology (technology meant for anyone) and regular toys to meet the needs of special kids.

I met a mother of one of the kids on my caseload shortly after I came back and she asked me how I was planning to share all this exciting stuff with parents. I decided to start a blog to share my technology discoveries. I also plan to use this blog to post answers to questions I get a lot.

This is a personal blog.  It does not necessarily reflect my employer’s values or beliefs.  I am not sponsored by any company or product. I will simply share my discoveries and ideas based on my personal opinion.  I am writing this on my own free time. To save time I will not translate my posts. Most will be in English, some will be in French.

You cannot contact me through this blog. If you need additional assistance or more information and your child is on my caseload you already know how to reach me. I will be happy to try to help you, like always.

You can post comments to help other parents and children.

I hope you will find this blog helpful.  Or interesting.  Or both!